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About us

It all starts in the soil.

By using biologically active compost and vermicompost, we are able to put diverse microbiology back into the soil food web, and bring a state of natural balance to your backyard or back forty.


Living Soil Solutions educates about the biological properties of soil and provides a high level of customer service by using ethical products that help restore the relationship between soil and plant.


If you are looking for the perfect lawn like a golf course, then we are most likely not the right fit for you. We focus on long term solutions rather than quick fixes.

Our Vision

To build a community of growers that are working with nature in a safe, productive, and ecologically beneficial manner.


Hi, I'm Mike Dorion

aka "The Compost Kid"

I love food!

Grocery stores just can not match the tastiness from my Grandma’s garden.

Many people from my generation have missed out on precious skills that were not passed down. We have to find other teachers.

Starting with a Gardening class put on by the Calgary Horticulture Society, I became immersed. It continued with my Permaculture Design Certificate, SPIN Farming, Greenhouse Design, Compost Facility Operators Certificate, and mentoring in Soil and Soil Microbiology. I am currently working on my Soil Food Web Advisor role with the Life in the Soil program put on by Elaine Ingham, and sit on the board of Calgary Permaculture Guild.

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