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Worm Castings

Our vermicompost is an excellent all natural plant food and soil amendment. These castings, or worm manure, are full of easy to absorb nutrients and beneficial microbes. Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings

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Earthly Matters worm castings are of the highest quality, and are created in Coaldale Alberta. Vermicompost is Mother Nature's fertilizer and is a natural, safe way to feed your plants. 


Benefits of Worm Castings:

  1. Enhance plant growth and vibrancy

  2. Act as a natural fertilizer or plant food

  3. Slow release essential nutrients into the soil

  4. Strengthen plant roots

  5. Aid in moisture retention and aeration

  6. Odorless and non-toxic

  7. Safe to use on all INDOOR and OUTDOOR plants

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