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Soil Booster Plus

This product is designed to give a natural boost for lawns and gardens. It is the combination of pure humates and programmed bentonite clay. This can be spread easily by hand or with a grass or fertilizer spreader. Apply spring and fall on lawns and before seeding your garden.

Soil Booster Plus

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Soil Booster Plus is designed to put back over 70 trace minerals that have been mined from the soil from over 100 plus years of farming or, in some cases were never present. 

Benefits of Humates (Soil Booster Plus):

  • Builds a stronger root system 

  • Great source of energy for benefical soil organisms

  • Helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil

  • Accelerates microbial activity

  • Improves aeration of soil and increases water retention

  • Assists greatly in decompostion of crop residue

  • Increases phosphorus availability

  • Suppresses pests

  • Stimulates mycorrhization in plants

  • Improved Chlorophyll content

  • Improved Nutrient Uptake

  • Improved soil structure​

  • Increased root growth

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